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Today is her eighth birthday, and after today, even if the adult daughter, and talk of the town had tried to get his daughter a birthday, even his daughter, his father held a bar mitzvah! Old Lee know, put in the past, probably earlier than the age of eighteen the age of marriage, that is, in the rural home, and now so much like her daughter, but also to find the next morning the husband's family. can now Dugao San
daughter, going to participate in the college entrance examination. Daughter's academic performance is not satisfactory, Lao Li does not hold much hope for her. He and his daughter had said, and so after graduating from high school, she would have to go out to earn money themselves, seeking self-development, he has no ability to read private universities continue to attack her, and that costs a small fortune, but ah! Old Lee insomnia often do, from the bottom of my heart felt sorry for her daughter, who has made it their own incompetence, so that her daughter also followed involved. Therefore, the talk of the town wanted to give her birthday through to make up mind about the guilt.
daughter birthday on the evening went to, when some students to his house to congratulate her, however, early in the morning, talk of the town began to busy couple opened. Buy fresh vegetables, they first came to markets, a lap down, then put their hands full of large and small plastic bags. This Old Lee looked down at the hands of two plastic bags, a variety of vegetables, fruits, jin meat, there is a chicken, add up, I am afraid they are usually more than a week to eat the food. , he hand delivered the deposit still a little hesitant when it! Frankly, he had a lifetime, and had not eaten birthday cake a few times, conceivable to her daughter, who today fight it.
so back home, close to noon. Daughter to eat lunch at school, they get a point to eat casually make do with eating a few bites, they began to organize the room and preparing for her daughter's birthday dinner. They do not want students to feel at home daughter shabby as to make daughter feel ashamed in front of students.
Lao Li in the busy packing the chicken, he burned a pot of boiling water, to kill a good hot chicken into boiling water, then pull more like a feather, so pull the feathers clean, they put pot stew. After finishing the room his wife, began Zecai, meat, side dishes, to all the preparations are ready to wait when you put the pot fired. Until all the clean up was finished, is already at half past six, and daughter, going to night classes at seven under, also home from school, twenty minutes. Lao Li said that to get a birthday cake, his wife began to cook, until he got home, the table has been filled with hot meals.
twenty past seven p.m., his daughter happily back, back with a four or five students, an old married couple quickly warmly welcomed and greeted them seated. Then her daughter came up to talk of the town, said: then surprised a moment, the face suddenly from red to white, but he immediately smiled and said to the students:
cold day outside, such as water, a crescent moon like a hook. Because it is late autumn, few cars on the street, Lao Li and his wife walking down the street side by side, their presence is very long street is very long. They have nowhere to go, they came near the little garden, where the silent, without a shadow to easily find a way to come forward to sit on a bench.
wife relieved him.

Suddenly a burst of autumn
scratch, the leaves rustling through the wind, they could not help but shrink a bit body, even when they just forgot to put out clothes.
After a child, his wife said:

throw on the nightstand.
Old Lee also followed down, none of them no longer speak, think their own thoughts.
... ...
unknowingly month is gone, their clothes were wet with dew,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they were like sculpture in general, motionless.
Later, when the old couple came home late at night, do not know when the students had gone, her daughter has also been asleep, a messy desk. They feel very tired, nothing to eat, but do not want to clear the table, then dragged the pace to lie in bed fully clothed ... ...

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