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moncler outlet Embroidered on the plateau - Datong 
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Embroidered on the plateau - River Park North Datong County in Qinghai Province Design

Monotonous landscape and line organizations with the problem. Taking into account the park's location in the city, its positioning in the Chase for the service, especially for the elderly and children, members of the public city park. According to this position, the North River Park, in addition to the landscape function, but also must meet the following functions: First, the function of various activities. As mentioned earlier, the public. Small towns 2o02/1o Datong County in Qinghai Province: ll ~ JII park is park must have a higher proportion of elderly people and children playgrounds and facilities; In addition, the park should be for the city residents a variety of activities, including collective and individual ; followed by the ecological functions, park construction should focus on creating and nurturing the environment for residents with a good living environment; Furthermore, the park can not be fully invested and maintained by the government, so the park project settings to social and environmental efficiency as the premise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an appropriate balance between the economic benefits of a variety of facilities to improve the planning can be implemented. Through a combination of various functions, so that the North River Park in the process of shaping the landscape into an organic whole. II. Design guidelines (1) garden design techniques used in and around the park the organic integration of the natural landscape, by the way for full use, will be introduced outside the garden landscape. (2) meet the functional requirements, based on comfort for visitors to create a tour, open places. (3) design style garden essay seeks to harmonize. (4) spread from the natural arrangement of plants, the formation of tree, shrub and grass, to be combined, density has caused a level of scattered communities Zhongyun Fang Liu; mainly native species of plants,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an important line in the park and the flow of a large number of pooled regional, landscape fabric flower rules. III. Park District to create the park and landscape planning and design of ways but in the end only one purpose, the purpose is to create space is to facilitate people's living j to guarantee the overall landscape of the park image: the function of the Park District, consists of: active region , the elderly and entertainment district, the crowd quiet seating area and flower nursery area. Vegetation landscape dominated by I walk into the recreation area and line of sight j contact isolation, to ensure that the overall concept of imagery and the uniqueness of each functional area. l, children's activity area with children's activity area in addition to set common f recreational facilities, also designed the bunker, King J through sculpture facilities consistent with the child psychology on the lawn, mushrooms play long kiosk chasing shade in porch chat flower . Group 1 chair combination within the flower beds, flower beds f seasonal flowers, colorful, and children figure perfectly. 2, the elderly aged entertainment preferences quiet, quiet environment. In addition to the tour line and organization design a winding main road, but also laid a path embedded in the middle of the lawn grass walks, you can pass the viewing platform. Recessed observation deck to the river bank and from around the railings,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], benches for visitors to rest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while overlooking the mountain peaks protruding master. Viewing platform near the water can meet the aspirations of visitors, but also to meet the needs of visitors to view, so that visitors have a relatively quiet, and very open view Riverside scenic spots. Lawn planted here more dense shade trees to provide space to rest, the elderly play chess in this tea. 3, taking into account the crowded area where people are concentrated, relatively more visitors, more rigid design of the pavement. Same time, because the plateau is located in Qinghai Province, UV intensity, in some flower beds and planting shade trees on the square pavement to reduce the level of the square H sun. For the convenience, recreation, planning in this area some service facilities. The main function of the service facilities for small restaurants, books, newspapers, telephones, public toilets and so on. In order to shape the landscape and parks are in harmony, these service facilities are relatively small scale, its color and form is very simple, make the environment a dominant, shaping the landscape to ensure the integrity of the park. 4, quiet, quiet rest area rest area designed more pebble walking trails, lawn between the design of a flower gallery for visitors to provide an ideal place to rest. Gallery of flower visitors to sit, chat view, after all, a beauty to enjoy. IV. Tan material configuration (1) the main plant species to native species, can be suitable for plateau growth. The weeping willow tree, Picea, Populus based. View more flowering shrubs, such as the pearl of North China plum, flowering plum, lilac, yellow, etc. Rosa, tree, shrub, ground cover, grass rich layers. (2) The layout of the plant more in line with their natural growth pattern, positive species can (3) The layout of the savanna-based plant to form a relatively open space. The edge of the lawn ornament of flower foliage plant, forming a strong concept of cheap, I raw landscape. (4) in the important position, visitors to the location of relatively high contrast color leaves grown plants and flowers, and achieved a kind of pictorial effect, and enhance the visibility of the landscape. Study: Beijing Forestry University Graduate Editor: Cai Hong small towns 2002/10 �� ll
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