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Planning large-scale Irrigation District in northe 
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Northern Irrigation District planning large-scale Problems

Process and equipment measures. Second, people Drainage sediment treatment technologies, including low-lying land reform combined with dike reinforcement and sedimentation, and canal system to improve the channel gradient increased transport capacity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], merging to improve water diversion entrance level, additional control pumping stations to reduce backwater, lining canals to improve transport capacity, manual and mechanical anti-silt deposition reduction, water management, shouting anti-silt silt and other sediment will be transported to people at all levels of drainage channels and the scattered field treatment measures. Third, the introduction of the use of sediment irrigation technology. Including sand lime bricks, sand, cement, mud bricks and other building materials production technology. Irrigation Irrigation is one of important part of the Yellow River will surely sand, mixed sand handling problems are inevitable = Thus, in the Yellow River Irrigation District planning large-scale, should be chosen according to local conditions of these technical measures,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], possible input may be used to handle the lower Yellow River sediment issue: the choice of 6 field of large-scale irrigation technology in the fields and irrigation irrigation is currently scouring the vast majority follow the traditional, border irrigation technology. Especially in border irrigation based. Because of the economic and management reasons. Dry crops in the long stretch of the formation of large blocks of flood irrigation, easy to produce large scale exploration layer leakage; rice terraces large and irregular, deep Yanguan and serial irrigation, fertilizer use is low leakage of large and backwardness of large irrigation The transformation of the field water-saving irrigation methods is an important part of this plan: The current choice of field water-saving irrigation technologies for small border irrigation pipe dry crop irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and mulching irrigation for rice lattice fields, such as surge irrigation and other irrigation, horizontal border irrigation, irrigation and other technologies there are still some technical and economic issues remain unresolved, it is difficult in this plan by: From our point of view of economic and technological development, large-scale irrigation area field irrigation. In a fairly long period of time will mainly surface irrigation. As for surface irrigation sprinkler irrigation can be difficult in practice, water shortage, development of local self-pressure sprinkler irrigation, lift irrigation, and high irrigation, high economic value crops, and where the implementation of appropriate development scale. Micro-irrigation is suitable for shelf in the greenhouse too, economic crops and vegetables on the second development that, in this plan, should focus on the appropriate choice of surface irrigation water-saving technology. And should meet the Plain Version field in the long 60 ~ 120m, width of 20 ~ 40m is appropriate, hilly terrain can make appropriate adjustments; low pressure pipe irrigation district water conveyance pipeline project fields and a fixed amount of not less than 90 one-way layout branch spacing should not exceed two-way layout should not be greater than 75rn 150m, distance between the outlet should not exceed 1 �� nl. At present, some large-scale irrigation and water management as the reason, the use of water for irrigation, a large block of the field furrow, irrigation quota is high, the number of small irrigation, due to labor saving, irrigation management unit and the group is also more welcome = ugly if irrigation water can do not produce deep leakage, root crops to take advantage of the growth period of the irrigation water stored in soil is also a good water-saving irrigation technology. But in determining the scale of irrigation and irrigation specifications must be carried out field trials. Seek to achieve the optimum design parameters of water-saving requirements. Involved in planning large-scale Irrigation District there are many technical issues,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as the adjustment of planting structure, ecological environment restoration, irrigation water management is also important, need to carefully study and analyze, select a reasonable and feasible programs and technical measures in the short planning large-scale Irrigation District should explore new ideas can not accommodate the status quo. To saving of water, blindly staring at the channel seepage. To change the situation for the new deep research and analysis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], beyond the original tradition of engineering design mode,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], optimal allocation of water resources, in the adjustment of crop planting structure, the transfer to the urban and industrial water, in more articles on water management by the Corollary and water-saving technological transformation, so large-scale irrigation can really sustainable development, into a virtuous cycle: mouth

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