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Adhere to the rule of virtue hospital _1609 improv 
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Dołączył: 17 Gru 2010
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PostWysłany: Śro 11:05, 23 Lut 2011  

Adhere to the rule of virtue homes improve the overall competitiveness of the hospital

Home work order, catch the high efficiency of the hospital, general secretary of the implementation of the For institutionally guaranteed. Last year alone, formulated the Now, the Department of the hospital to undergo any major leadership decision set {discussions Long, large equipment, equipment procurement, construction and other housing to public bidding,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], allocation of secondary school graduates each year who in strict accordance with the interview, written test scores and discipline inspection and supervision department of the guard under the fair selection, really _F embody the Fourth, institutional innovation, and support f} 【f built in sections. How to better play to the exemplary role of party members, to shoulder the Committee, and to do as a unit established Section 23 branch committee members serve as branch secretary, department director of director of part-time branch secretary}, put ideological and political work into 7 administrative and medical Il as towels Lord, director of operations in the grasp Meanwhile, the ideological and political work has infiltrated into it, so that conflicts do not turn in _ 『give full play to the role of departments. Now hospital staff organizations at all levels must send people to go visit; job r the family into conflict, he f 『J are doing door work: job 【_ the daily necessities and agricultural issues such as housing, food lines, leaders at all levels are on the heart solved on the party committee, people's ideological problems and practical difficulties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so the work of mobilizing the enthusiasm of workers and promote the development of the hospital. According to statistics, one in May last year, the hospital I revenue growth over the same period} I4%, bed occupancy rate hit a record high of nearly 2o. With lJ Health system reform, many units have cut sections,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the only hospital in order to strengthen inspection and supervision efforts, the provincial health system in the first one established discipline inspection room, the first in the provincial health system held a party on behalf of the Council,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the first election of the discipline inspection committee set up to strengthen the leading cadres, party members and supervision of the masses, so far, does not appear cases of discipline violations. Author: Jiangxi Provincial People's Hospital (bats Series: Wen-Jun (on the next 41 unitary) medical doctors shortage in the fierce competition in the green field, find the main memory, and development of a heavy good way to improve the quality of the environment, create a warm and Medical environment. (1) give prominence to the device context Hospital treatment In order to improve the level of saying, focus on the introduction of world-class medical equipment, such as 1.5 MRI, DSA, base body high-speed spiral CT, linear accelerator, ECT, number of molybdenum machine , digital X-ray machine, HP55oo super fan, cobalt 6o, digital machine stomach selenium, carbon dioxide, light pasta} 『shake hole meter, flow cytometry and other modern medical instruments. establish a kidney transplant, tissue typing, blood dialysis and interventional radiology treatment centers, and more than 100 new projects launched so that treatment conditions to meet the needs of the rapid development of medical technology has greatly enhanced the diagnosis of the hospital. (2) pay attention to grasp clinic environment: build Shanghai's first hospital outpatient and emergency patient-specific escalator emergency door into the hotel-style building, to bring a warm patients. so that patients receive treatment to save during the psychological threshold of soil _ Ji Huan, modern waiting room too, open a range of convenient services and measures the pattern and layout of the hospital to fully reflect the fully implemented, the more comfortable area of pain; dead sewing pin to make the environment more beautiful and green; Dispensary for Taiwan, registered lobby, booking window center and information desk and other emergency conversion to r D more standardized, more standardized window , seven; outpatient medical services for all replacement cards, education, services, and so the purpose of a Head 7 However, the instrument instrument of search off .. more L 2, so that the two satisfaction, social recognition. hospitals always recognized by patients, patient satisfaction as the goal, starting from the root of the problem, efforts to resolve the masses beliefs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and gradually established itself in the people's reputation l992 by hospitals of the first annual review since 1984, sixteen consecutive eighth unit was awarded the title of the text in Shanghai, the country in 1999 was named barrier Hospital

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