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Air Force Ones How apt setup Linux above your Ps3! 
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* Connect to web shares. This function allows you to retention and retake files on different waiter, thus saving your memory
Which Linux is Best for PS3?
There are 6 Linux operating systems that are compatible with the PS3, but YellowDog Linux was specially built for the PS3 and it's the most compatible Linux Operating system for the PS3. The other Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fodera, Kubuntu can also be installed but my private recommendation is YellowDog and Ubuntu.

ally a easy but sweet software that can rotate your plain PS3 into a mighty Computer. You can publish files and type word documents on your PS3.

Xubuntu uses XFCE which is good for older computers [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], computers with restricted resources in terms of ram or storeroom but is also good on new computer whether you want a lean system.

* Install Windows through Emulators
Fedora is not a good alternative for the PS3 right immediately as it doesn't have the necessitated optimization and runs slower than Ubuntu and YDl.
Install Linux on PS3
Kubuntu - uses KDE which looks closer to skylights in terms of default color and list apps. It also offers more options to configure your programs and Desktop.
Ubuntu is an operating system built at a international crew of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web explorer [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], office suite [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], media apps, instant messaging and much more.

The best Linux would be YellowDog and Ubuntu.
Yellow Dog Linux(YDL 6.2) - With the latest Yellow dog 6.2 which namely 100% bug free and compatible with the PS3, this is the best choice of Linux. YellowDog looks slightly geeky although yet it gives you complete experience of operating a Home PC. You can use your mouse, Keyword, external Hard pedal and do a entire lot more with YDL.
YellowDog attempts over 2000 applications to make life easier - the most any Linux offers by the moment.Yellowdog Linux was developed specially because the PS3 Operating system to carry out maximum PC tasks.
PS3 can be a movie athlete, MP3 athlete, watch Home videos. Yellow dog over 2000 applications - anything from Web browsers, Open office, DVD players, Chat, Microsof

* Run MAME and other kinds of emulators. This manner you can play all your favorite games from yesteryear on your brand new lustrous Play Station 3 - like SNES, Sega.
* Enjoy over 2000 Software applications to make your life for cozy as Desktop PC

Benefits Of Using Linux Operating System aboard PS3
PS3 comes with it's own operating system that enables you to surf through it's interface and melodrama games on your PS3. In increase to the games you can likewise escape one all Linux Operating system.
Linux operating system will allow you to play Movies, MP3, PC applications, development tools, Internet programs, web browsers - most applications that are base in usual Desktop PCs.

* Use the internet with Advanced web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
* Run Office suites - like Open Office alternatively Microsoft Office

* Play different types of medium, such as DVDs, ROMs and CDs . Running Linux, you can watch movies or hear to music on your PS3

* Use your Play Station like a PC, with a keyboard and mouse. Not all PC programs will run on the PS3

* Run your own operating system. This is a boon to those who absence to personalize their system
Yellow Dog Linux is specially customized for the PS3 and was loosened for only PS3 users. YDL has over 2200 programs and accessories namely ambition give you the final experience of a Desktop PC.
Install Linux on PS3
Edubuntu - is packed for education so that is the concentration I suspect ( I haven't tried it so I cant offer any useful remarks on that)
* Never have an Unplayable file again

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