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Nike Air Foamposite For Ipod Beginner, Faq 3 
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I have ever met this problem before,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and I also find a very good resolution. Here share with you
First, Connect your iPod with a computer and input the music wanted with iTunes.
Second, do go back. Here is the key step: Now in iTunes "file"? "backup database", click it choose a list in the coming-up talk box,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then Enter to back up the database.
Third, Make the iPod work as a portable disk in the iTunes. (If you have done this ahead, forget it.) Then click "iPod Disk" in "My Computer" and duplicate the database which you baked up just now in the iTunes into it, and then out. Now connect your iPod with variant computer. Don't make it keep a step with iTunes but click "input database", and click the database backed up. Can you all your music files back? That is it. Now you can work on inputting music alternatively video etc. in the database. At this moment, connect with your iPod. After it is in a step with iTunes, it will prompt you that you cannot find some characteristic songs and it cannot be copied into the iPod.
When you corner on your iPod, you will ascertain the anthems are still in your iPod. In this direction you tin use your iPod on differ computers without constraint but just memorize to back up database each time behind you make the 2 keep in a step. In appending, you can set your iPod to be updated along hand in which way you also can make them in a step but no covered,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but it namely bothersome. Maybe if you are not scrupulous enough, all files will be deleted. I have ever lost hundreds of songs. But it is still one resolution,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a formal one.
Q2. How to put the films in my computer into my iPod? Recently, I bought a current iPod MP4, but I have tried many times and usages to put the movies into my iPod, merely all failed. I couldn't add it into the database and keep them in a step.
iPod can support MP4 and H.264 video form, but the original video should be converted to the fashion that iPod can support. There are lots of softwares can do this job. And the software I am using is beautiful agreeable. Its appoint is Agile iPod Video Converter which is quite easy-to-use. Click the file you want,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and select your iPod type, and then click "Convert",Nike Free Sale How Offshore Software Development W, then after converting; you can put the video into "movie" in the iTunes. If you have iPod 6, you can add videos into your iPod and keep it in a step with iTunes. If you set iTunes to "manage music by hand", you can also put the video or video player list into the iPod in the iTunes source list. Now you have finished a half.
The followings are the steps how to achieve it,
1). Connect iPod with your computer, and then open iTunes;
2). Click "Preset" in the iTunes;
Mac User: "Preset" in the iTunes;
Windows User: "Preset" in the "Edit";
3) press "iPod" tag "video" tag
4) select one of the following video synchronous alternatives,
#1. If you want to make all videos in the iTunes keep in a step with iPod with iTunes, then click "Automatically update all videos"
#2. if you just want to synchronize the videos in the melodrama account into your iPod with iTunes, click "Automatically update elected playlists merely", and then click the box alongside the play list.
#3. whether you don't want to add whichever videos into your iPod, click "Don't update video". Note namely if you have already synchronized the present videos with iPod, you will delete them from the iPod when you click this option.
5) Click OK.
Once you close the "preset" in the iTunes, iTunes will start to update the iPod as the settings in the "preset".
Attention: If you administer the audio files by hand, you ought do it with videos by hand, also. If you set the iPod to update music automatically, then you should click one of the two automatically update options for videos, or choose neither of them.

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