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"20 years [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the black shadow with me through one after dissimilar embarrassing daytime, the child equitable a year old now, I want to get rid of the child before the black mark notes, give the child a beautiful mother. "8:00 pm May 24, Qingdao, 2 sets of" life-line "program launched in due time as follows, 24-hour hotline ringing off the anchor as in the past, when a caller raised the care of program group. The other label tall, is a young mother from Jiaonan, his face has a large black mark, 20 years, with a black shadow has been with her, and now have children, she wanted to get rid of the child before the black notes mark, give the child a beautiful mother. However, home privation, incapable to pay expensive medical bills, merely unfortunately when she shrieked the "life line" of the hotline. "Life Online" in understanding the circumstances, in the journal life of mediocre people to solve the problem of programming purposes, the circumstance of Ms. Gao was discussed, and quickly contacted Dr. Qingdao Medical Beauty Hospital [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the hospital expressed their willingness to reach out helping hand, free of dictate to the loveliness of Ms. Gao achieve her dream.
25 am, "life-line" program group and the Hospital of Qingdao Medical Beauty Laser Center, Dr. Li Li and his gathering drove to the Director, Ms. Gao's home. Li Li Director to Ms. Gao's face carefully looked by the mark, and asked questions. According to Ms. Gao presentation, this black mark from while she was born there, and afterward with increasing age, and now covers virtually half of the face, a black mark on her life was overshadowed by her constantly disinclined to work out, ahead looking for go, looking for objects had been distressed along this problem, the baby will soon note, she does not absence this eclipse effects to children, to remove the imprint of the child before the memorandum.
afterward diagnosis, said Li Li, director, Ms. Gao's face namely a dark brand above a nevus mole we routinely mention, some folk are nativity with, it was four alternatively five years age merely obvious, and chapter of the growth with old increasing, Ms. Gao is a classical. Nevus of Ota in a decisive amplitude affect the appearance of pretty, long in the face of even greater absence as handling with narrated equipment. Ms. Gao such as nevus of Ota related with merely five to six periods the dispose laser equipment tin completely get rid of.
"Thank you, and I thought this mark has to go my whole life, thank you! "Ms. Gao Li Li, director of the hand-holding, tears filled her eyes. "Rest insured, we can aid you solve the problem, morrow come to the hospital now! "Li Lian comfort with the young mommy. yixian:
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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