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Nike Dunk Women Shoes Bad Sex Is Good 
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Truth: Sooner or afterward, even sex with someone you adore can convert a customary.
Eventually, when hope has worn away, when you have not other alternative, relax in the overcoat of emptiness you already dress. Don love's open bliss. Bear edgeless luminosity. Sex is a revelation of what is, intensely.
But to obtain to this point requires outgrowing your grab ashore consciousness good--or bad--about sex. Early in your sexual life, enjoy the thrill of romance and charm because by the time it lasts. Then, frolic in the medium days of unsatisfying merely decent sexual routine.
In this way,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sex is like the rest of life. It's actually fewer than you wished. For about everyone who approaches middle old, sex and life become a customary enjoyment, an habitualized routine of pleasure, solace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and grief that is consoling at best, and often insignificant.
Sex namely feels blank reveals a deeper truth: Sex namely vacant. Just like anyone additional moment of life.
Sex seems to agree so many. Skin aflame with unbearable bliss. Sobbing embraces of vulnerable rapture. Transcendent combination as utter oneness. But normally, sex is fairly earthly.
This is good. Meaninglessness is a sign of growth. When something becomes boring it method you are prepared to go deeper. When you are humping away but still unsatisfied, you are ready for deeper sex.
--Excerpted from Blue Truth by David Deida;
Naive teens gets lost in the concise rush of pleasure. Depressed grown-ups stay in the not-enough of blank hug. The truth is that every moment is tangibly insubstantial. The true lover surrenders further all prop, as undressed life is.
?000 PLEXUS & David Deida. All Rights Reserved
The truth is, every sexual moment is empty. Every moment is empty, insubstantial, unreal. And every moment is full, tangible, explosively living. Like a vivid dream, each moment is intensely impactful, spontaneously dynamic, and instantly gone, as whether it never happened. Sex can be tender, a marvel of love, yet vaporously inconsequential, a wistful deja vu. Simultaneously, sex is intense and vanished; even while utterly blissful, it is also utterly empty.
Eventually you fulfil that nought characteristic is missing from your sexual life. You can certainly improve your sexual skills--communicating your sensations extra fully and enjoying multiple orgasms thafter all for hours--yet, when your fascination with current pleasure and finishing wears off, you become re-aware of a haunting sense of vacancy.
When you permit yourself to feel sex entirely, you feel 2 entities. On the one hand, your genitals are engorged, your chest is heaving, and your enthusiasms are inflamed. On the other hand, so what? You've been there ahead and nothing fundamental has resulted. This moment of sex--like every moment--is amazingly wealthy and deliciously textured,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also strangely vacant.
Men get hard, pump and grunt, squirt out their tension, and loosen. Women get watery, groan and hump, seize and sigh, and snuggle in lukewarm comfort. At first exciting, sex can become very predictable. Even good sex can become standardized.

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