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Nike Shox Open Letter apt Stupid People 
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Dołączył: 11 Kwi 2011
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PostWysłany: Pią 2:20, 20 Maj 2011  

t so there is not paradox this is addressed to STUPID human everywhere.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
The short information is "Don't be stupid" but creature stupid I'm sure I ambition must give you more details.
Being stupid I will must condescend (averaging to talk down to) and hope that you get it.
Let's talk approximately what makes you stupid.
You are stupid when... #1
You are stupid when you reply to me in an email without including my aboriginal text. Do you really think I'm going to immediately know what you are prose about with an email that merely says "The link won't work."
Which link are you talking about, stupid?
Do you have whichever idea how numerous freaking emails I get? Do you think seriously that you are so essential that I'm going to understand immediately what you are referring to?
The solution is to simply have my my email somewhere in your or you can stop being stupid.
You are stupid when... #2
You are stupid when you burn me with insults because you forget that I have your email address. If you're on my mailing account and want off it don't flame me ... that would be stupid. Instead you can 1) ask me to clear you ... natty shake or 2) click on the unsubscribe interlock at the base of the email ... very VERY natty move.
You are stupid when... #3
You are stupid when you assume I adore your long emails. This does not apply to family members and people I've held face-to-face chats with that have lasted over an hour. If you don't fit in one of the two categories don't assume I'm going to peruse or attention about your long email. Save it for your blog.
You are stupid when ...#4
You are stupid when you deed entirely against your own ego interest. You want to cut down but you don't diet or training. You want a girl friend but you won't shower daily.
Granted, it is here I must caution myself to go easy on stupid people; many people have "baggage" ( some people have cargo) and that , at the end of the day, I've been stupid in my life ... but still... Why do things that are so completely counterproductive?
You are stupid when ...#5
You are stupid while you wail by me. Do you calculate yelling at me namely going to get you some long term benefit? You might get what you absence in the moment merely do your really consider I'm going to forget how lightly you get unstrung? Do I really have to mention more?
You are stupid when ...#6
You are stupid when you propagate too much. Seriously, there are enough stupid people in the world. You are the ones blocking the intersections at a green light and disbursing your groceries with pennies. There are enough of you already! STOP POLLUTING THE GENE POOL!!! Over five people in one family unit is an eco-disaster.
You are stupid when ...#7
You are stupid when you assume I'm either a fine lad alternatively a complete a-hole. The truth is I'm a person equitable like you. I have nice days and wrong days. Instead of attempting to dove hole me kas long asI have good days and wrong days. When you do that the bad days are taken in stride and the good days are tasted. Do that for me and do it because you.
Dantalion Jones
PS, If you are NOT stupid you male feel free to increase to my list of "You are stupid when ..."

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