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Supra Assault Ns Allergies How To Avoid Outdoor Al 
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ergens are impurities present in the air that are foreign to the human body and can cause a specific hypersensitive reaction in a person's body. In breathing process when these substances are inhaled, they generate symptoms like coughing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tearing eyes, sneezing, headache, sore throat and itching in skin or any other part. If you have any allergic symptoms mentioned above, the first and foremost action that you need to take is to identify that what you are allergic to. This knowledge will help you eliminate the allergen to come in contact with you.
Following are some of the steps through which you can avoid outdoor allergens
1-The best and effective technique to prevent yourself from outdoor allergens is avoiding or minimizing your exposure to such substances that triggers an allergic reaction to your body.
2-Pollens are the biggest source of outdoor allergens, so keep a check on pollen counts in your area through local weather reports. Stay indoors when pollen level is soaring outside. Usually after sunrise pollen counts are low and they rise as time progresses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which mean pollen levels are highest at midday time.
3-Keep the door and windows of your house and car closed during allergic seasons. For example some asthmatic patients show allergic symptoms during rainy season.
4-Usage of air conditioner in home and car dries as well as cleans out the air. So using air conditioner is a good option to keep allergens at bay.
5-Take your pets for bathing frequently; clean them in order to minimize accumulation of outdoor allergens that develops in their skins.
6-Take a bath and change your clothes after you return from your work from outside. This would help to keep away pollens.
7-In damp weather mold can trigger allergies, so avoid going out on a windy or rainy day when the level of mold spores are high in the air.
8-Also refrain from doing gardening or mowing the lawn as these activities to a great extent exposes you to molds present in the air.
9-Keep the drainage system clear of debris and leaves so that the water from the downspouts flows away from the house.
10-Avoid bringing pollen to your house when you return from outdoor. Stick to drying your clothes in a vented dryer instead of drying them outdoor on a clothesline.
11-With a saline spray rinse your nasal passage after returning from outdoors to get rid of any pollen that you might have inhaled.
Apart from the highlighted issues enhance your daily health care by avoiding any contact with allergens and eat more nourishing food in order to build your immune system. Also manage your allergic symptoms by religiously taking medicines prescribed by your doctor.
The best way to learn about allergens is to visit your immunologist to discover more about what kind of allergic disease you may suffer.
To Your Health!

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